KAT 1 polyolefin shrink film


KAT 1 is a strong and high clarity biaxial oriented heat shrinkable film that has stable & balanced shrinkage and soft corner during packaging. With features of tough,cold resistant and soft, it can protect your products efficiently and doesn’t emit harmful gas during usage. It is an economic product which works easily on most shrink packaging machines.






KAT 3 Cross-Linked Shrink Film


With cross linked technology, KAT 3 is the most perfect heat shrink film.It can help you solve all packaging problems . As KAT 3 offers excellent shrinkage, strong & durable seals, wide sealing temperature range, it is suitable for all packaging systems with its excellent properies.


Kat 04 Anti Fog Cross-Linked Shrink Film


Kat 04 is an ideal overwrap for frozen foods. The main advantage of this film is that it won't fog up or promote water condensation under ambient temperature, which can help you see packed items clearly. Since it is cross-linked, ZDF04 has all good properties of ZDF03 and is compatible with all packing machinery. 
Available thickness: 12micron, 15micron, 19micron and 25 micron.

Kat 04 spec sheet






KAT 5 Low Force Shrink Film


It is low force shrink film, which can help soft and elastic proudcts keeping good impact, without distortion. The shrink force is small enough that it can pack soft objects easily, while the strength is big enough that it is suitable for odd shape items. As KAT 5 can provide tight packing on odd shape items, the performance keeps glossy and without wrinkle. KAT 5 can pack heat sensitive items due to its low temperature shinking feature. This soft shrink film is designed for showcase items such as books, magazines, computer manuals, or converted paper products .
Soft shrink,low shrink force
Extremely wide operating window
Great shrinkage
Low sealing and shrink temperature



Shrink wrapShrink WrapShrink Wrap

KAT 6  High Performance Shrink Film

This is a perfect shrink film. It can help you solve nearly all shrinking difficulties. KAT 6 has excellent low shrink temperature property. Its shrink temperature is nearly same as PVC shrink film's. With quick shrink, good seal strength and over 70% shrinkage, KAT 6 can perform perfectly even under the worst shrink conditions. KAT6 also has low shrink force function and good hot slip property. 
Exceptional shrinakge under 120℃ 
Broad shrink temperature range, from 110℃ to 180℃ 
Quick shrink in 1.5 seconds 
Excellent shrinkage 
Low sealing temperature 
Superior seal strength 
Strong tear resistance 
Low shrink force property 
Outstanding hot slip property after shrinkage 
Overlap staic sealing property 
KAT 6 is compatible for all packaging machinery. 
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