X/Y adjustable stand for easy-to-position product placement for tipping

Multifeeder Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures automatic friction feeding machines and systems of unmatched performance. When mounted on the X/Y adjustable stand the friction feeder can be easily and accurately moved for easy placement of products. The X/Y mount is positioned above the host conveyor where products such as newspapers, magazines, envelopes and books advance below the friction feeder. A signal is sent to a hot melt adhesive extrusion system and a spot of "fugitive glue" is timed to be applied to each product in the same location as it advances on the conveyor. A signal is also sent to the friction feeder which is equipped with timing compensation and applies a promotional item onto the fugitive glue spot where a pressure roller presses the promotional item firmly onto to the product. Accuracy of up to +/- .3 mm can be obtained.

This cost effective system can be configured to meet the requirements of most applications, and presents a finished product with promotional item attached that can easily be separated by the consumer.


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