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The following links are to zipped MPEG video files. These may be very large in file size, and may take up to several minutes for you to download. You will need an MPEG video player, such as Quicktime, Windows Media Player or RealPlayer, in order to view this video. 


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  • Web Tipping at 500fpm
  • Corporate Video - This video show the vast array of products that our friction feeders can handle. Ranging from delicate pharmacuetical soap sheets to 1" thick booklets, the Multifeeder feeds these products with ease. 
  • APL Video - This video shows our Automatic Product Loader being used in conjunction with our friction feeders. An APL increased the loading capacity of the feeder and let's an operator have the ability to control multiple machines at once.



  • ADT Video - This is a video showing the capabilities of our Automatic Drop Table as they are mounted under our friction feeders.
  • Bar Code Video - Watch as Bar Code scanners, mounted on the discharge of our feeders, verify UPC labels in very high speed demonstrations.
  • Collating System Video - Multiple friction feeders are used in conjuction with a Multifeeder lugged conveyor to create an efficient collating system.
  • Tipping Video - This is a compilation video of our friction feeders in tipping applications. Our feeders have the ability to tip-on product with amazing accuracy. Please note in one section of the video that there are white CD's being tipped onto a white backer card and they are hard to see, but our feeder does not miss and is accurate up to +/- .5 MM.  
  • Ink Jet Video - An Ink Jet print head is mounted on the discharge of our friction feeder. From There, products are run through the feeder and the print head prints on each product. Date codes, lot numbers, and expiration dates are a few common things that could be printed.
  • Envelope Video - This is a compilation video of our friction feeders running envelope and mailers. Whether you need to batch count or print on them, we will have a solution for you.



  • High Speed folding.

  • Catch Tray Video - This is a compilation video or our friction feeders with catch trays to accumulate product in various counts. 
  • Labeling Video - This is a compilation video of labelers being used in conjunction with our friction feeder systems. 
  • Bobst Folder Gluer - Our friction feeders mount and integrate easily on a bobst or any other folder gluer. 




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