When space is limited on a production line, and a standard friction feeder is t oo large to be placed adjacent to, or over the line, an extended discharge allows easy access for the precise placement of these items onto or into the product loading zone. This design provides clients with a much broader applications capability, while assuring accurate high speed counting and placement of their inserts.

The long discharge table can be used to label product directly onto the discharge of the feeder with a ink jet or labeling machine. The longer discharge can also be used to mount a bar code reader or a vision system onto the discharge of the feeder to inspect the product as it is fed.

For a typical application, the conveyor flight advances, and it is sensed by the photo optic start sensor which allows the feeder to accurately place the insert onto or into the moving item. The product then advances into the next packaging operation such as shrink wrapping or horizontal form, fill and seal, or cartoning.

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