The HSC Family of High Speed Collators from Multifeeder Technology® Inc. is the ideal lug conveyor for your collating and batching needs. With its modular design, you can easily add or subtract conveyor sections to accomodate the number of feeding stations you need.

HSC Standard Features

  • Emergency Stop: One full-length cord line on each side of collator.
  • Feed Station Docking: Comes standard with power stations and interface hookups to create "plug-and-play" system.
  • Portable, self-contained: Self-contained mechanical unit with heavy-duty casters and leveling pads.
  • Product transfer: Two endless transport belts at collator discharge for quick, accurate and smooth product transfer to other packaging machines.
  • Ruggedly built: Sealed ball bearings for maximum life and 24/7 operation.
  • User-friendly Changeover: Easy and accurate no-tool changeover with quick-lock handles.
  • Built for Harsh Environment: 12 Ga. stainless steel beds on 10 Ga. stainless steel frames.
  • Modular Conveyor Length: 7.5 foot modules easily creates the collator length you need.
  • One Year Warranty: One year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Our High Speed Collators are modular, providing a multitude of combinations without limits.

HSC Specifications

  • Minimum Product Size: 50mm(W) x 50mm(L) [2"x2"]
  • Maximum Product Size: 500mm(W) x 400mm(L) [20"x16"]
  • Maximum Belt Speed: 75 m/min [250 ft/min]
  • Operating Temperature: 10-35 C [50-90 F]
  • Power Requirement: 230VAC 3PH 60HZ 10AMP
  • Total Unit Weight: Approx. 4000-7000N [900-1600 lbs] for 15-30 feet collator

HSC Options

  • Computer-Based User Interface: Reject or Stop on Error Protocals
  • Speed and Timing Compensation: Backup mode
  • Speed Following with phasing: Complete Turnkey Solutions
  • Straddle Mounts or Side Mount: Custom Engineering


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