The Multifeeder Technology® Automatic Drop Table (ADT) provides a dramatic increase in batch counting efficiency. The ADT is an automatic catching and dropping device for high-performance operations and interfaces with the friction feeder computer for superior results. Requiring absolutely no air pressure, it is perfect for counting copy paper, high-quality paper, envelopes, business forms, greeting cards and similar products. Since it is an add-on component to a standard MFT friction feeder, the ADT is always an available upgrade, even if your current production requirements do not require the ultimate in minimal operator attention.

The ADT operates by quickly retracting the shelf on which the products being fed accumulate, allowing the stack of products to deposit onto a conveyor or other machine. The shelf then moves forward into its original position where the feeder stacks products on it again. The controlled environment provided by the ADT shelf, metal guides and transparent cover allow the friction feeder to discharge products at an incredible rate of speed. Split-second timing provided by the feeder's on-board computer ensures that the depositing and feeding processes coordinate to provide unmatched processing speed and reliability.



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