Cantilever Stand on Rollers    

The Multifeeder Technology Portable Stand on Rollers, Model HDSR, can be used with the MFT Friction Feeders for precise and easy placement or movement on a production line. The stand has a hand crank that allows easy height adjustment of the mounting plate of between 32 to 48 inches (813 to 1220 mm). The stand has a wide sturdy base with heavy-duty casters for easy mobility. The stand is equipped with a standard top plate for quick secure placement of a friction feeder.

Portable Stand on Rollers

The ADT (Automatic Drop Table) can also be mounted onto the Stand on Rollers and the MFT Series Friction Feeder can be mounted onto the ADT to create a feeder drop table combination to accumulate and drop stack of products. An APL (Automatic Product Loader) sued for increased in feed magazine capacity can also be mounted onto the Stand to create a complete roll away package.


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