Multifeeder Technology designs and manufactures high-performance, high-speed friction feeding equipment and accessories for use in the packaging, printing and mailing industries.




Shown with Heavy Duty Stand on Rollers






Shown with Heavy Duty Stand on Rollers as an accessory.  The 750 can feed products up to 1" (27mm) thick and up to 28" (711mm) wide.

MFT750IP - Industrial Performance 


MFT750IP Typical Applications

  • Carton Blanks
  • Garden Seed Bags
  • Posters and laminates
  • Other Large/Wide Bags
  • And many more...

MFT750IP Specifications

  • Minimum product size: 25mm(W) x 38mm(L) [1" x 1.5"]
  • Maximum product size: 711mm(W) [28" Wide]
  • Minimum product thickness: 0.05mm [0.002"]
  • Maximum product thickness: 27mm [1"]
  • Maximum belt speed: 250,000 mm/min [10,000 in/min]
  • Operating Temperature 5-40 Degrees C [41-104 degrees F]
  • Power Input: 115VAC or 230VAC 1 ph.
  • Product sensor: Infrared emitter / receiver pair for optical reading of product thickness, and for providing feedback if single, multiple, or no product is present.
  • Total unit weight: 35 kg [77lb] to 60 kg [132lb] (model dependent)
  • Product magazine: 750 mm [30 inches]

MFT750IP Standard Features

  • Portable unit: Self-contained unit with only one electrical enclosure
  • Computer controlled: Computer control provides thousands of control calculations per second for precise start, stop, watch dog and multiple product detection
  • Easy interface: Standard signals available for easy interface with existing computer, PLC or other host machinery
  • Production log: Automatically stores your production history in the feeder's computer with production count, and fault logging with time, date and type of fault
  • Intuitive user interface: Custom 22-key sealed membrane key pad with 2 x 40 character LCD display
  • User-friendly changeover: Easy and accurate changeover with twist lock handles
  • Ruggedly built: Hardened stainless steel shafts and sealed bearings for maximum life and 24-hour a day operation
  • Quick belt replacement: Three piece shaft assemblies for quick maintenance
  • Three-color signal light: Green = ready, Yellow = low product, Red = fault
  • Pre-select counter: Standard pre-select product count (1-999 per cycle)
  • Optically isolated signals: All interface signals isolated for accuracy
  • Built for harsh environments: Stainless steel shafts, sealed bearings, surface-treated aluminum construction and sealed cast aluminum enclosures to protect internal parts
  • One year warranty: One year warranty on parts and labor
  • Software Lockout Function Option: Allows user to lock out some or all feeder functions for simplicity for the operator.
  • Encoder Speed Match Option: Allows for an input from an encoder connected directly to the feeder to monitor the speed of the host machine. The feeder will monitor the speed of the host machine and adjust its timing accordingly.
  • Advanced Error Control: Multiple Product Detection (MPD), Too Thin Product Detection (TTPD), Watch Dog Product Jam Detection (WD-PJD), and Watch Dog No Product Detection (WD-NPD)
  • Advanced Help Function: Allows the operator to press the on-board help key at any point of time to get instant help with the feature/function being configured.

MFT750IP Options

  • Operator safety guards over feed belts and discharge belts.
  • Lockable see-thru guard over keypad.
  • Low product alert
  • Three or Four color signal light, with or without audible alarm.
  • Advanced Warning Control: Monitors the feeding process, the feeders performance, and alerts the operator and/or stamps the production log with messages
  • Vacuum track on feed belts
  • Variable length discharges
  • Flexible discharges with adjustable angles
  • Discharge table, with textured top or roller table
  • Extended product magazine
  • Integrated with Barcode scanners, Inkjet Printers, Labelers, etc.
  • Custom engineering, hardware, and software for any application
  • Automatic Drop Table
  • Automatic Stock Joggers (dual or single)
  • High speed Batch Droppers
  • Portable stand
  • Catch trays
  • Remote keypads
  • High-speed Collators
  • High-speed Flat Belt Conveyors









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