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Mail Vision Camera Solutions

MailVision is a software platform that allows the design of flexible and versatile solutions to supervise and control the processing of high-volume document and mail-kit production.
The MailVision solutions:
·         Eliminate a significant portion of the labor associated with quality control for complex, high-value applications

·         Inspect each and every document that passes under its reading device

·         In the event of an error, diverts the error pieces or stops production automatically, sounds an alert and displays an error indication on its screen interface

·         Massively increase the integrity of document output, and substantially reduce the cost of achieving this level of integrity

·         Log all activity in detailed, customizable data table architectures for end-to-end validated mail-kit and document production

Benefits – “Productivity & Costs”
·         Eliminates high-cost sampling, fanning and related labor-intensive manual quality control procedures.

·         Reduces down-time caused by manual quality control methods and increases the capacity of production mail and document processing equipment.

·         Reduces spoilage and re-work.

·         Offers an easy-to-use interface for set-up mechanics and operators.

·         Identifies document errors in real-time and enables validated variable print document processing at top throughput.

·         Enables management by measurement; by gathering data on every document and mail-kit processed, MailVision “sees” production output from each unit of host equipment MailVision integrates with and each operator MailVision interfaces with.
Benefits – “Customers & New Business”
·         Improves key account penetration by enabling new validated variable document production applications.

·         Expands service levels by increasing the capacity of production equipment and the quality of document output.

·         Raises service levels by providing comprehensive, feature-rich reporting functionality.

·         Increases the quality of document processing output by preventing against error documents and mail-kits from entering the output stream.

·         Enables exceptionally flexible, validated variable document compositioning options.

·         Provides flexible job processing options resulting in better use of document “real estate” and improved aesthetic presentment.

·         Enhances corporate image through the use of state-of-the-art document processing technology.
·         Matching of multiple documents
·         Component selective inserting
·         Read and print: in-line inkjet addressing/1:1 messaging
·         Base stock validation
·         Address Block validation
·         Numeric, and alphanumeric, sequence verifications
·         Component grouping
·         Combination of any of the above-mentioned functionalities
·         Alphanumeric characters (OCR) Most fonts
·         Bi-dimensional barcodes (e.g, DataMatrix, PDF417)
·         Linear barcodes (e.g., Code 39, Code 128, Interleave 2 of 5)
·         Patterns & symbologies
·         Custom codes
·         Optical marks
·         Magnetic stripes
·         RFID



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