VMC 206 Transport


Product Capacity:
Width: 1-20+” (Speeds +450’ minute)

VMC line vacuum transport/finishing conveyors - Quality without compromise - from the innovative vacuum system to the anodized aluminum frames. Perform quick, easy, tool-less setups - Plow folding, scanning, ink jetting or placement. Linemods VMC 203 provides a small footprint and offers features that provide outstanding performance and operator versatility.


  • Advanced technology vacuum system
  • 1/2” Anodized aluminum frames
  • Handwheel
  • Adjustable height (6”)
  • Rubber coated vacuum conveyor belts
  • Interchangeable 1 & 2” drives
  • Split vacuum chambers
  • All tool-less adjustments
  • Cantilevered infeed and discharge
  • Adjustment scales
  • Built in / sealed encoder location
  • Easy access vacuum filter











VMC206_clip_image004Vacuum system is engineered for application

  • Adjustable
  • Self-modulating
  • Quiet
  • Powerful
  • Stall-resistant
  • Efficient





Equipment is designed with a balance of easy operation, longevity and innovation from over 25 years of experience in the post press/production environment – All equipment equipped with a 2-year built-in warranty.










Optional Add-On Components:


QC – Up-Divert

Flip Plate (Tipper Plate)

Plow Folding



  • Tool-less design – No tools needed to perform most set-ups/changeovers


  • Vacuum belt construction is of a slippery backer with a 35D rubber cover, perforated for vacuum assistance from deck – The slippery backer provides an extremely low coefficient of friction (belt to fixed surface).
  • Each chamber (18”) of tube is vacuum regulated (2 sectors per tube) this vacuum system is engineered for consistent, even pull-down - “loaded” or “open” Stall resistant design.


  • Component design – All pivot points have bushings - expense not a factor in assembly – all components designed to last.
  • No tab/air blasters - Linemods utilizes air assisted mechanical ramping assemblies that are easy to set-up and use a fraction of the air – Ties into existing glue system controller or Linemods multifunction PLC


  • 2-year warranty – We are confident with our parts/equipment designs and back them with a 2 yr. warranty






System Details:
Large 1-1/2” ID bellows assures uniform vacuum throughout vacuum tubes - If you have had a feel of other vacuum conveyors, you will quickly realize this feature truly makes your set-ups simple – When you adjust your tubes side to side the bellows extends or retracts to fit the exact length – no sagging hoses…















Operator controls are simple to understand and are premium quality ABB components –Quality in/Performance out











All VMC units are performance engineered to deliver an optimum supply of vacuum without stalling conveyor or stressing pump – We use regenerative vane vacuum system with pressure sensors that precisely control the vacuum pressure - All tuned from the operator panel – Linemods vacuum systems are designed for the application - unlike many others where blowers are used for a generic vacuum source - This is the most innovative, high performance conveyor vacuum system available.

Feature attributes:

  • Solid construction
  • Simple electrical/drive components
  • Vacuum consistency
  • Easy access filter

VMC206_clip_image018VMC Filter Cartridge:
Filter system keeps foreign materials from entering pump and is accessed in minutes – Helps prevent glue from entering pump body














Vacuum Tube Design:

Two tube widths available to handle most any job (1” and 2”) - Design promotes quick removal if desired or easy adjustment – Belts can be changed in minutes. – Vacuum tubes are split into (2) 18” chambers – this ensures constant vacuum where you need it the most.

 We also have 5’ VMC units available.

















Assists in fast, precise set-ups – Easily jogs belts either direction














Bed Lift:
Large wheel makes simple height adjustment –
Raise deck up to 5” scissors style lift ensures
stability – this feature assists in roll-up and in-line
converting applications – Again a one man







Storage Tray:
Large storage tray to keep loose components
Measures 12” x 18.25” with a 1” lip to keep
components contained













General Machine Spec
L: 76”
W: 31.1”
H: 29.9” (Floor to deck ~ surface collapsed)
Weight: 620 Lbs.
Power: 110/220 Single Phase
(12/6 amp)
Air: 16 cfm @ 80 PSI (Vac
turbo units)



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