Adphos NIR Dryers

With NIR® inkjet drying systems you are assured greater productivity and throughput on even the most demanding of water based inkjet applications including those on high gloss, over coated and temperature sensitive substrates.NIR® inkjet drying systems deliver the energy you need, where you need it by utilizing near-infrared technology which focuses the energy on the ink and not on the substrate resulting in less curl and easier to run and handle substrates. Additionally NIR® drying systems minimize air flow which reduces downtime through improved paper handling. Greater productivity is also achieved with tool-less module positioning and lamp replacement.

The S-800

New Technology Provides Superior Adhesion of HP Inks to Coated Stocks and Plastic Cards!

What is Next Generation NIR Technology?

  1. The shorter wavelength of Near-Infrared light is closer to the visible spectrum
  2. HP-based inks more readily absorb the NIR wavelength – causing a quicker drying time
  3. Stray radiant energy is minimized – because a greater percentage of energy is aborbed into the ink.  This results in greater efficiency!
Extended Capabilities of HP-Based Inks
  1. Inks such as FlexPrint AqueousTM contain trace amounts of chemical binders that adhere to Aqueous coated materials and PVC laminates.  To be effective, the water contained in the ink must be evaporated – and the heating process accelerates the binding process.
  2. Other inks such as HP’s Versatile Black are excellent for clay coated stocks.  The S-800 accelerates the drying and absorption process for this ink
  3. With these inks and S-800 drying technology, it is possible to print on some materials that only solvent-based systems such as Videojet and Domino could previously handle.

Measurable Benefits of the S-800

  1. Dramatic increase of production speeds when printing on stocks that are typically “slowed down” in order to dry
  2. Increased revenue – from increased speeds.

Unique Features:

  • Speed-Following control to adjust the S-800 power to the speed of the transport
  • Extended MCS heat shield and vents


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